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Patient Case Studies

Below are representative pre- and postoperative x-rays of some of Dr. Buttermann's scoliosis patients. They demonstrate his technique of using low-profile screw instrumentation combined with sublaminar bands. Low-density implants and sublaminar bands allows for minimal xray (ultra-low dose radiation), lower costs, an abundance of surface area for fusion, and excellent derotation and curve correction. 

Untitled design (1).png

This patient had preop thoracic lordosis and had nice sagittal in addition to coronal correction.

Untitled design.png

This patient had significant preop coronal decompensation which completely corrected.

Untitled design (3).png

This patient had a large thoracic and lumbar curves which responded to a selective thoracic only fusion. This preserved lumbar mobility and function. Prior to evaluation by Dr. Buttermann, a competitor surgeon strongly recommended fusion of both curves down to L4, which would have guaranteed L4-S1 degeneration and need for additional spine surgery by young adulthood.

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