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Dr. Glenn Buttermann specializes in youth and adult scoliosis and complex deformity evaluation and surgery as well as minimally invasive spinal procedures.

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 Leader in Spine Surgery



The result of new medical developments and procedures for correcting spine issues (that cannot be resolved with nonsurgical treatments) is better surgery.

Aesculap Implant Systems


Aesculap Announces Landmark Publication in Spine on the Disc-to-Disc activL® Artificial Disc Multi-Center, Randomized, Control Trial for 1-Level Lumbar Total Disc Replacement

In the Media
Scoliosis Surgery Patient Testimonial

Published April 22,2016

Shirley had severe scoliosis that prevented her from doing even the most simple daily activities. Surgery got her back on her feet.

Nationally Renowned Surgeon


Dr. Buttermann's training and practice in both childhood and adult spinal deformities sensitized him to motion preservation issues.


Dr. Buttermann explains, "Most fellowships focus on primary degenerative spine problems; I was fortunate to have my advanced biomechanics training under YC “Bert” Fung, PH.D, the father of bioengineering, followed by an orthopedic residency and fellowship geared toward deformity and revision surgery. During this period I was introduced to complex adjacent segment and transitional problems under the mentorship of brilliant orthopedic minds such as David Bradford, M.D., and James Ogilvie, M.D.”


Dr. Buttermann learned an approach emphasizing patient mobility. “Instead of fusing the entire spine of scoliosis patients, I followed the concept of individualized treatment which often was to fuse only the apical segments of a curvature, leaving the levels above and below mobile. This motion preserving approach optimized the quality of life for the patient; and we have the data to prove it"

Dr. Buttermann performs about 300 surgeries a year, using devices and techniques he helped develop.



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Idiopathic Adolescent Scoliosis patient treated by

Dr. Glenn Buttermann

2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement Patient

Published June11,2014

Brett is a hockey player who was checked into the boards during a Division 1 hockey game during his freshman year of college, creating an injury that continued to progress to the point that it was uncomfortable for him to sit in class.


Brett and his parents researched for a spine specialist and found Dr. Glenn Buttermann at the Midwest Spine & Brain Institute, who recommended a lumbar artificial disc replacement.


Brett returned to playing college hockey following his surgery and recovery.


Now a college graduate, Brett enjoys his active lifestyle which includes being a hockey coach.

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